ABI Elan


2 Bedroom


Take time out to enjoy your very own rustic cottage style retreat that lets you make the most of every holiday.

  • New open plan layout for 2016
  • Updated soft furnishings colour scheme
  • Master bedroom with ensuite bath (38ft x 12ft, 2 bedroom only)
  • New model with integrated deck
  • Shaker style kitchen with dining table and chairs

A holiday home that reflects on the inside all of nature’s magnificence outside can make the perfect sanctuary. Beautifully styled in chic classic patterns, natural tones and finished in luxurious fabrics, The Elan oozes sophisticated character and grace.

Available in 5 models, each with its own personality, The Elan is an exceptionally beautiful living space with fabrics, fixtures and fittings to match.

Thanks to the more open-plan design and new colour scheme, there’s a real sense of space and serenity that embraces you from the moment you step inside.

However, it isn’t until you watch the sunset from the impressive double patio doors that the true tranquillity of this holiday home is revealed


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